Iceland saw a snowy Christmas – but a wet storm is coming

There is a storm expected in Iceland, in the south west, temperatures are dropping and wind is picking up, bringing strong gales and rain and subsequent slippery streets so people in Iceland, locals and visitors alike are advised to take care in the rapid snowmelt. Water flow in river is expected to increase considerably and drains might fill up.

Most of Iceland has been covered in snow during the Christmas holiday, with proper snowstorms and volatile winter weathers making the family gathering in the warm homes extra cosy. According to the Met office the day starts out mostly dry with South westerly winds 8-15 meters per second. The winds then shift to south east gusts 13-20 m/s with sleet and later rain with rising temperatures in the evening, first in the southwest. Winds from the south during the night, south 18-25 m/s by noon tomorrow but 20-28 m/s in the northwest. Strong wind gust are to be expected by mountains, especially in the northwest. Considerable rain in the south and west part, but mainly dry in the northeast. Temperature 5 to 12 C. becoming lighter south-westerly winds with chilly showers tomorrow evening, first in the west part. Southerly strong winds are expected tomorrow with considerable rain and rapid snowmelt. People are urged to clear drains to avoid water damages. Increased water flow in rivers in the south and west part can be expected. Becoming lighter south-westerly winds with wintry showers tomorrow evening, first in the west part. Southwest strong gale with frequent snow showers on Wednesday.