Pirates leading deliberations for a five party coalition

Birgitta Jonsdottir chairwoman of the Icelandic Pirate party now holds the mandate to form a majority government said this the five parties now deliberating to form a coalition have a possibility to form a “great government”. Although it’s clearly no easy task to find compromises, the parties benefit from the work that has already taken place during the two failed attempts to form a majority according to Visir’s report. “I think its amazing to be deliberating with five diverse parties that each have their own emphasis and their own strengths” If we can draw on that, we are able to form a strong coalition” Jonsdottir said in a morning radio talkshow for Bylgjan this morning.

The deliberations between Pirates, the Left Green, the Social Democratic Alliance, Bright future and Resurrection will begin today. The Pirates have used this weekend to prepare according to Jonsdottir, they have gone over the issues that caused the previous talks to fail, the issues that differ the most between parties, and they want to focus on bringing those issues to a concession. “We have agreed on many of the big issiues, we are able to built on the work htat has already taken place”