No new mandate to form government in Iceland

President Gudni Th. Johannesson, will not give any one party leader the new mandate to form a government in light of the developments during the month of November. He suggests informal deliberations and expects a conclusion soon.

The president made and appearance at a press conference in Bessastadir today and expressed that at this time it’s most important to assemble the parliament soon and pointed out the great responsibility of parliamentarians to reach a compromise in forming a majority. He called for all parties to find a solution and form a coalition informally.

When asked if he sees the situation as a cabinet crisis, he replied no, he doesn’t see it like that, but he directed his words to all parties and urged them not to completely exclude each other. He assessed that all parties should now start informal talks and reach a conclusion as soon as possible. He expects that the formation of a government will be well underway next week and when asked, he said that he had knowledge that some informal deliberations were already taking place. In the meantime the old coalition of the Independence- and the Progressive parties remain in power and parliament is expected to re assemble with the old coalition next week.