Cars are burning in Malmö again


The terrible surge of car arson in Malmö and the southwest of Sweden seems to be at its peek. Only last night atlas nine cars were burned and in all cases its presumed to be intentional. The first one was just before nine last night, the next one was aflame at nine thirty and so with short intervals four more cars were set on fire and then a little later three more stood ablaze – And in Gothenburg three additional cars were set ablaze last night.

The string of car fires has made headlines in Sweden this week, and fresh statistics from the country’s emergency services show that the number of vehicle being burned in the southern city has soared during the summer, according to the According to numbers from the southern branch of Sweden’s fire and rescue service reported in newspaper Sydsvenskan, 64 vehicles were set alight in the region between June 1st and August 9th. Around half of those fires took place in Rosengård, a Malmö district with a reputation for social problems and gang-related issues. Almost all of the car burnings were deemed to be intentional. The police department in Scania and West Gotland has no tangible suspects so far, but the Gothenburg police department’s spokesperson expressed great grief for these crimes, it seems to be a trend repeatedly ignited by the start and end of summer holiday in schools in the district according to RÚV.