Royal Eiderdown Dow Picking

Eiderdown, a generation of warmth unique to Iceland

In the artic skirts of Iceland, there exists a substance like no other. Known for centuries as natures greatest insulator it has been used by common Icelanders and kings alike. The very first documented exchange of Eiderdown took place in 1455, when Ólöf the Rich and her husband Björn of Iceland sailed to Denmark and presented Christian I, King of Denmark with this unique product.

Roughly 3500 kg of eiderdown is produced worldwide and over 3000 kg originates from Iceland. Roughly 1.2 kg of down is used in each eiderdown duvet, making the global production of Eiderdown products approximately 3000 duvets.

A research done in 2014 by Hreggvidur Magnusson the owner of Royal Eiderdown yielded that there are thousands of fake eiderdown duvets in circulation.

Iceland is the only country that gives a Government seal of quality, done by a government appointed assessor that oversees the overall process from picking to making the products.

Mr. Magnusson stated that it was clear that consumers where buying a very expensive product without understanding how to validated its authenticity and quality.

Royal Eiderdown Duvets from IcelandEach product gets a Government seal of apporval.