Airlines flying to Iceland this summer

Based on a quick study done by Icenews and besides the two local airlines WOW Air and Icelandair, there are just under 20 airlines flying to Iceland this summer with close to 1.5 million tourists visiting the country.

Air Berlin, is flying in from Düsseldorf, Hamborg, Munchen  and Berlin-Tegel.

Air Greenland, is flying in from the capital of Greenland Nuuk.

Austrian Airlines, flyies from Wiena.

Delta Air Lines is coming in from New York (JFK) and Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport.

Lufthansa, is flying from Düsseldorf, Hamborg and Berlin-Tegel

easyJet, comes in from Edingburg, London Luton and Manchester.

Edelweiss Air is flying in from Genf

German Wings flies in from Koln and Stuttgart.

Niki Luftfahrt is coming in from Wiena.

Norwegian Air Shuttle is flying from Oslo, the same as Scandinavian Airlines (SAS).

Thomas Cook Airlines comes in from Brussel.

Transavia is flying in from Paris Orly.

On top of this you can find Iber­ia, Luxair, Ger­mania, Czech Air­lines and Wizz Air.