Self goal! Iceland vs Hungary 1-1

Today’s game saw another draw but this time with a self-goal by Birkir Saevarsson! After the famous tie with Portugal last week, Iceland played Hungary in today’s match ending with an own goal, resulting another draw 1-1. Gylfi Þór Sigurðsson scored for Iceland in the first half of the game. Even though Iceland started in the lead, Hungary dominated possession and shoots in the second half, but continuously found themselves frustrated by the seemingly impenetrable Icelandic defense. However Saevarsson’s incredible own goal towards the end of the match denied Iceland a famous victory as Hungary edged towards the last 16 of the European Championship with a draw. Hungary has won seven of ten matches between the two countries so far, Iceland’s last win came in June 2005.

There was a heavy air surrounding the team in the looker room after the game according to Morgunblaðið’s report. „Despite this outcome we are still in the contest” Lars Lagerbäck, one of two coaches stated after the game.
Iceland likely has to win the match against the Austrians on Wednesday to go further.