Fishing in Iceland

Salmon season is kicking off in Iceland

The salmon season is kicking of in the rivers of Iceland and eager anglers are taking to the rivers. The river Blanda in the north of Iceand seems to be starting the season of with flying colors. Blanda was opened to fishing two weeks ago and 500 salmons have come a shore so far. The lower part of the river opened on June 5th and the rest opened on June 20th. This time last year Blanda had given about a hundred salmon. So far the season in Blanda has been like an adventure according to fish and game warden Vignir Björnsson, RÚV reports. The salmons are unusually big and in good shape, arriving out from the ocean. The generation of two year old salmon is now traveling up the river, it’s a very strong year and a strong generation of fish. Last year only one area of the river had a fishing quota, but this year all arias are open to fishing. Iceland is home to some excellent Atlantic salmon and game fishing. With clear, well-managed rivers and striking scenery, it is no surprise that for generations, anglers are attracted to fishing in the country. Fishing for salmon, sea trout, trout and Arctic char under the midnight sun is an experience anglers are unlikely to forget.