bad weather

Spring storm – Forty meters per second 

Icelanders haven’t heard the last of the weather despite the long expected summer around the corner in Iceland. The passed few good days with bright sun and stillness seem to be over for now as winter hasn’t quite left the island according to the Iceland Meteorological Office. Reykjavik will have temperatures just above zero over the weekend with rain and sleet with the wind lingering around ten meters pr. second. Heavy snowfall is expected in the northeast part of Iceland and strong gale and force winds (wind more than 20 m/s) are predicted in the West fjords tonight and to tomorrow. Gusts of around 40 m/s can be expected near Vatnajökull glacier tomorrow evening. This evening and tomorrow will bring a southwest wind, five to thirteen meters per second and rain or drizzle in most parts of the country. Temperatures will be between three to eight degrees Celsius. Sleet and later snow in the northern half of the country, heavy precipitation northeast between Tröllaskagi and the East fjords. The south will see scattered showers of rain or snow. It will become cooler with temperature around zero tomorrow afternoon, but above zero in the south. So don’t pack your winter cloths just yet.