Geysir – Spontaneous Eruption

The geyser of all geysers; Geysir erupted spontaneously yesterday. This used to be a common occurrence but with all the soap forced eruptions brought on for the amusement of onlookers the geyser has gone on strike so to speak. His smaller brother Strokkur has taken over as ambassador for geysers in Iceland and erupts daily in high season with some assistance from humans.

Halldóra Elton, an employee of Hotel Geysir noticed a steam cloud above the geyser and says it was pure coincident that she stepped outside to take a closer look, by the time she got outside the geyser had started to erupt. It’s a rarity she claims, she has worked there for two years and has never seen Geysir erupt before, however she heard twice last summer about early morning spontaneous eruptions from the king of geysers, who apparently is not totally a sleep after all.