Iceland in winter

Slippery slants and wind today

Bring out your spikes! We can expect what Icelanders call “a flying slippery” on the streets around the whole island according to the Icelandic Meteorological office today who also warn of strong gales to sweeten the deal.The wind is going to pick up. There is an expected southeast wind 15-23 m/s with slush or rain in the south and west parts, with stronger winds by the coast. There will be heavy rain in the southeast by afternoon but lighter winds and mostly clear in the northeast. Strong winds are likely from the southeast 18-25 m/s with snow or slush by afternoon, windiest on headlands. Winds will slow down in the west parts during evening. Southwest 18-25 m/s and snow showers tomorrow, windiest on headlands. Rising temperatures, zero to five degrees Celsius by afternoon, becoming cooler tomorrow.

Its the rain and the slush on top of the existing ice and snow that create especially slippery conditions, so be careful out there folks, keep your bones intact.