Justin Bieber in Iceland

Justin Bieber takes Iceland by storm – Appropriately dressed

On a recent trip to Iceland, Justin Bieber took in a lot of the sights, sounds and flavours of the nordic country, and by the looks of his Snapchat, the Canadian pop star also took home some gear from Icelandic outdoor clothing brand 66° North.

During his three day visit, the young pop sensation posted a number of photos and videos, chronicling his Icelandic adventures to his Instagram and Snapchat accounts. Bieber, who was in Iceland reportedly shooting a music video and accompanied by famed Instagrammer Chris Burkard as a tour guide, visited everywhere from Jökulsárlón to the Westman Islands, Reykjavík to Keflavík. Sporting a 66° North hoodie, Bieber was thrilled by the sound of his latest hit “What Do You Mean” on the local radio, and shared it with fans via Snapchat.

For those wanting to imitate Justin’s style… Here’s the actual hoodie Justin is wearing: Gunnar Hooded Sweater