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London Venture Partners invests in Icelandic game studio Klang Games

Klang LVPIt has been announced that leading VC in games, London Venture Partners (LVP), has signed an investment agreement with Klang Games, an independent game development studio founded by three Icelanders.

The agreement, which was officially signed on Friday 26th June, means that LVP will be financially investing in the game studio, and backing its future projects, including the upcoming mobile and tablet game, ReRunners.

Oddur Magnússon, Developer and Co-Founder of Klang Games, comments, “We are extremely proud to have partnered with LVP. LVP’s decades of experience and insight in both traditional and mobile gaming is a huge asset for Klang. We could not have a better partner to fulfill our vision of how to bring multiplayer games to new platforms.”

Klang Games was founded in 2013 by Ívar Emilsson, Mundi Vondi, and Oddur Magnússon. Icelandic game developers Ívar Emilsson and Oddur Magnússon have collectively built up 15 years’ experience in developing online-multiplayer games, working at game studio CCP Games – known for the popular MMO, EVE Online, and the FPS, Dust 514 – and artist Mundi Vondi has an extensive background in art and design.

Now Berlin-based, Klang has expanded its team but is still sticking to its independent roots, believing that complete creative control is important for the studio’s vision.

“We believe that games should have the ability to bring people together through fun, engaging gameplay, and social interaction. Games must be able to appeal to the everyday gamer in an instantly accessible form, as well as help build a community of like-minded individuals,” explained Magnússon.

Klang is currently developing its first game ReRunners, which aims to raise the bar of the mobile/tablet platformer genre. The game, which is in its Beta stage, is an online, asynchronous multiplayer that features an open world and fast-paced racing gameplay.

LVP is known for its foresight into promising gaming start-ups, and investing in teams with exceptional vision like Supercell.

“LVP prides itself in investing in promising up-and-coming gaming studios who have a clear vision, and potential of doing great things within the industry. Klang Games displays the traits that we look for in investments, especially in the studio’s approach to creativity and game design. We believe that this will be an exciting partnership,” explained David Lau-Kee, General Partner of LVP.