Air Greenland becomes European Regions Airline Association member

Greenland’s flag carrier Air Greenland has joined the European Regions Airline Association (ERA) and in doing so becomes the group’s 52nd member.

ERA director general Simon McNamara met with CEO of Air Greenland, Michael Hojgaard and discussed the organisation’s willingness to work with and represent the Greenland carrier in the months and years ahead.

The airline association conducts regular visits to its members’ headquarters with the aim of building trust among the continent’s regional carriers and to show they are well-equipped to represent their interests in communication and lobbying campaigns.

Hojgaard said that McNamara’s visit to Air Greenland was valuable for both parties as it gave the ERA a better understanding of the challenges the airline faced in operating across the Arctic, while it also highlighted the benefits and opportunities the carrier could expect from being a member of the group.

Air Greenland, which was founded in 1960, operates flights to and from Greenland. It currently has a fleet of 35 aircraft which offer domestic routes as well as flights to and from Denmark and Iceland.