Justin Bieber

Danish Bieber lookalike amassing missions of social media followers

A 16-year-old Danish teenager boasts five million Facebook followers and a further one million on Instagram all because he looks like pop sensation Justin Bieber.

Benjamin Lasnier, from Copenhagen, who even plays a little music himself, began describing himself as Denmark’s Justin Bieber on Instagram when he was 13; now he gets around 30,000 ‘likes’ every time he posts a picture on social media.

It has taken him three years to gain an audience of approximately six million fans, which he puts down to being a “pretty boy”. He explained that he just started posting some pictures on Instagram and soon he was getting followers from China, Australia, Canada… all over the world.

Lasnier went on to reveal that he didn’t simply want to use social media for uploading pictures of himself, so he took up music and is now an amateur singer, guitarist and pianist.

He is currently working on his debut album, as well as launching his clothing line, and he puts most of his success down to being social media savvy. He noted that Facebook and Instagram had been ideal for getting his name and music out there, adding that one video gathered 600,000 views.