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Alcohol consumption down in Finland

Finns are drinking less alcohol than before, with total consumption in the country falling once more, in line with recent trends.

On average, everyone on the Nordic country consumed the equivalent of 11 litres of pure alcohol last year, marking a four per cent fall on 2013, according to figures from the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL).

Ciders, spirits and liqueurs all saw a fall in their popularity, while even beer, the country’s alcoholic beverage of choice, experienced a decline. The data also featured alcohol brought into Finland by an individual, which fell from 2013. The so-called ‘booze cruise’ alcohol, which is most commonly brought from Estonia, was at 2.3 litres of pure alcohol per person.

THL spokesperson Esa Osterberg noted that the drop in consumption was, in part, related to tax rises and the recession, but claimed a cultural shift could also be a factor as people had realised they didn’t need as much alcohol to get by.

The figures showed that alcohol consumption in Finland hit a peak in 2007 but has since fallen by 13 per cent. Beer remains the number one alcoholic drink in the country but wine has also enjoyed a recent surge, while liqueurs and spirits have suffered a fall.

Osterberg added that 45 per cent of alcohol consumed in Finland in beer.