Armed bank robbery at midday rocks Klaukkala

An armed robber walked into the Klaukkala branch of Nordea Bank at midday on Monday before making off with a large amount of cash.

The risky robbery, which took place at one of the busiest times of the day, was carried out by a man who covered his face with a mask and was wearing a white disposable jumpsuit like what people working with hazardous materials wear. He was also carrying a plastic bag which he put the cash into.

Reports from the town, which is located in the province of Nurmijarvi and lies around 37kms north of the capital Helsinki, said that the robbery took place in a city centre branch.

Police said the emergency services were notified about the incident at 11:59am, the same time the perpetrator was said to have fled the scene with a sizable amount of cash. They now want any member of the public who may have information about the man or woman responsible for the robbery to come forward immediately.