Danish government to ban under 18s from buying e-cigarettes

Children under the age of 18 in Denmark will no longer be allowed to purchase electronic cigarettes and vape pens as of 1 November if the country’s parliament passes a bill proposing tighter regulations.

Health Minister Nick Haekkerup noted that the idea of a child smoking an e-cigarette didn’t sit well with him, claiming that he couldn’t help but think it acted as a “training tool” to take up smoking real cigarettes.

According to figures from the health authority Sundhedsstyrelsen, in 2013 more than 150,000 people in Denmark smoked e-cigarettes at least once every three days.

And now many people across the country believe electronic smoking has negative implications for youngsters, with a recent survey from the cancer society revealing that 79 per cent of Danes are in favour of banning people under the age of 18 from buying e-cigarettes. Meanwhile, just nine per cent believe a ban should not be introduced.

The proposed regulations will mirror the rules surrounding regular tobacco. In addition to the age requirements, smoking e-cigarettes will not be permitted in non-smoking areas, while advertising the product will also be outlawed.