Swedish school criticised for controversial sex test

Swedish school criticised for controversial sex testA school in Sweden has come under fire for a sex education test it gave students in which they had to say what name was given to a girl who slept around.

The test at Ostlyckeskolan School in the western town of Alingsas, themed love, sex and relationships, was completed by students aged 13 and 14 at the end of November. Enraged parents and bemused students have since complained, with the question about what name is given to a girl who sleeps around drawing the most attention.

The answer the school was looking for was madrass (mattress in English) did not go down well with many parents, who have since complained to the school, while pictures of the test went viral. Other words in the test included pimp and brothel.

Headteacher Kerstin Sondefors described the situation as “very unfortunate”, explaining that the test, which contained over 100 questions, was intended to inform pupils about relationships and love, and to give them further knowledge on words they were likely to encounter as they grew older.

She explained that it was important to give them information on everyday things they will face in society, and that teachers do this in a good way. She also revealed she had met with parents to tell them the school planned to continue working along the same lines in future.