Celebrate in Reykjavik over Christmas and New Year’s Eve: Join Iceland’s festivities with tours

Celebrate in Reykjavik over Christmas and New Years Eve Join Icelands festivities with toursIceland’s capital city Reykjavik is known for its friendly atmosphere and joyous recreations, and the Christmas/New Year period is no exception. Reykjavik Excursions is offering two tours to discover the country’s culture traditions and celebrations during this festive time of year.

Tour number one, the Reykjavík Christmas Walk, will be a tour through the beautiful Christmas streets of Reykjavik, learning about the Christmas traditions of Iceland, from history, art and architecture, culture, and cuisine.

During the walk, visitors will be stopping at various restaurants, giving visitors a taste of Iceland’s culinary traditions, including fermented shark, smoked lamb, and Glögg, otherwise known as mulled wine.

On the last leg of the tour, visitors will have the opportunity to learn about Iceland’s culinary history with the head chef from one of Reykjavik’s oldest hotels. At the end of the tour, visitors will take a peek at the country’s largest private art collection and receive a little Christmas gift to take home with them.

The second tour gives visitors the chance to see in the New Year with Iceland’s traditional fireworks and bonfire displays.

At the stroke of midnight in Reykjavik, night turns to day when hundreds of fireworks illuminate the city’s skyline. Viewers will experience the exploding rockets and dancing lights sparkle, as well as other festivities with the Icelandic locals.

To find out more about Reykjavik Excursions’ New Year’s Eve Bonfire Tour, visit https://www.re.is/day-tours/bonfire-tour