Norwegian town puts on world’s biggest fireworks display

Norwegian town puts on world’s biggest fireworks displayThe southern Norwegian town of Sogne has been entered into the Guinness Book of World Records for putting on the biggest fireworks display the earth has ever seen.

Sogne, which has a population of just over 10,000 people, beat the record that Dubai set last year in front of Guinness World Record officials on Saturday evening.

Local business Svea Fyrverkerier worked alongside hardware store Sor-Tre in planning the event. In an awe-ins

piring 20-minute show, they set of an incredible 540,382 fireworks in front of a delighted crowd.

Svea Fyrverkerier’s general manager Anders Sture said prior to the evening that the sky would be a sea of red, white and blue so as to form a huge Norwegian flag. He explained that it was their own tribute to the Norwegian constitution’s 200th anniversary.

Last year’s New Year celebration in Dubai saw 479,651 fireworks fill the sky in just six minutes. This year’s event may have taken longer, but the new record was set in front of around 15,000 spectators, who also enjoyed the switching on the Sogne’s Christmas lights on the same night.