Denmark to carry out research into medicinal cannabis

Denmark to carry out research into medicinal cannabisDenmark’s parliament has reached a political agreement to fund research into the medical benefits of cannabis.

The political parties reached the agreement on Thursday on how to spend the 857m kroner reserve the country currently has, and no less than 35m kroner will be set aside for investigating how the drug can improve the health and standard of life of patients if they use it, for instance, for pain relief.

Research spokeswoman Rosa Lund, from the Enhedslisten party, said that people diagnosed with epilepsy, cancer, arthritis and multiple sclerosis, for example, could feel the benefits, noting that in certain countries cannabis for medicinal purposes was already legal and was helping sufferers of such illnesses.

She went on to say that is why they want to see Denmark give its citizens the same opportunity. She said that even if the research gave results that go against Enhedslisten’s view, there was still a definite need to debate the matter and look into it further.

Meanwhile, Education and Research Minister Sophie Carston Nielsen described the news as “great” for the research community. She said the fact everybody had reached a broad agreement would ensure the country grows and research and innovation are vital for the country’s future.