Norway to make terror attacks out of TV drama

Norway to make terror attacks out of TV dramaFilm directors and journalists are to work together to create a TV drama about Norway’s biggest ever terrorist attack.

Directors Pal Sletaune and Sara Johnsen are working alongside two journalists to write a show about Anders Behring Breivik’s attack on Oslo on 22 July 2011.

Sletaune explained that they were working on a project that involves the 22 July attack, adding that they want to create a portrait of the Scandinavian country seen through these events. He said the idea of the series is to see how society in Norway reacted to the attacks, and that it will be based on different sectors involved such as the media, police and hospitals.

Sletaune will be working alongside his wife Sara Johnsen and former journalists Kjetil Ostli and Ola Henmo. The series will not focus directly on Anders Behring Breivik, however, and it won’t involve a reconstruction of the events that occurred that fateful day.

He said that they were still in the early stages and have not thought about who will star in the show or when it will air.

NRK head of drama Ivar Kohn said that the series could be ready in around four to five years.

Sletaune and Johnsen both made their big screen breakthroughs in 1997, when Sletaune brought out Budbringeren (The Messenger) and Johnsen released Upperdog.