Swedish authorities nab suspected serial rapist

Swedish authorities nab suspected serial rapistFollowing a number of sexual assaults in the western Swedish town of Hagfors, police have arrested the prime suspect.

While authorities remain unsure if the 22-year-old man was behind all of the attacks, he is suspected of a number of offences including rape and attempted rape.

Most recently, a woman was raped in one of the town’s parks at the weekend, although there have also been reports of a male exposing himself in public and peering into windows. However, police have yet to comment on how many of the rape incidents the suspect is believed to be involved in.

Last week, the Aftonbladet newspaper reported that residents of Hagfors were on the lookout for any suspicious activity, and that many young females were cautious about leaving their homes.

One young women told reporters that she didn’t feel safe anymore and felt like she wanted to move away. Another said that people in the town were angry and scared, and that it was “terrible” that one person could put fear into a community like this.