Video trailer released for Westfjords interactive web experience

Video trailer released for Westfjords interactive web experienceA new trailer has been released for an upcoming interactive web experience promoting the Westfjords in the north west of Iceland.

The trailer produced by Tjarnargatan, in conjunction with Visit Westfjords, features a variety of beautiful HD shots showcasing the region’s incredible landscape and some of the region’s most unique landmarks, with audio from Icelandic post-rock band For a Minor Reflection.

The Reykjavík based production company, Tjarnargatan, drove more than 4000km and trekked on foot for 18 days to capture the perfect high definition shots. As part of the filming, Tjarnargatan took more than 63,725 images, reaching a total content of over 8000 GB.

Einar Ben, Co-Owner of Tjarnargatan, explained that the trailer, which can be seen below, only uses 2% of the video content captured during the summer.

The inception of the project began earlier this year, and is set to be by far the largest marketing project that the municipalities of the Westfjords have partaken in.

The three-year-project is intended to showcase a digital dream trip across the region and to emphasize its already wonderful image.