Finland amongst the world’s largest coffee consumers

Finland amongst the world’s largest coffee consumersNew data from the International Coffee Association (ICO) has revealed that Finland is amongst the biggest consumers of coffee beans in the world.

Finns’ consumption of raw coffee per capita is an incredible 12 kilos a year. This compares with Italians consuming 5.7 kilos of coffee aficionado per year while Spaniards consume 4.5 kilos yearly.

However, Finland is not the biggest coffee consumer in the world in terms of consumption per capita; that honour goes to the tiny European nation of Luxembourg. But their 24 kilos a year is largely down to cross-border trade with Germany, a country full of coffee drinkers keen to purchase inexpensive coffee beans from its next door neighbour.

Karri Kauppila, marketing manager ate Finnish coffee and cocoa producer Paulig, believes that Finland’s consumption has reached its peak as the domestic market has experienced no growth for quite a while now.

Kauppila explained that coffee habits change, and the way people drink coffee these days is more diverse. He claimed that in terms of volume, they have reached a maximum so consumption simply can’t grow any larger.

The latest figures from the ICO have surprised many in Finland. On average, Finns pay just under 80 euros per annum for the coffee they consume at home. This large price goes to show just how much coffee Finns drink because, by comparison, people in Turley can buy 12 months’ worth of coffee for less than six euros.

Stores in Finland have long since used coffee as one of their key sales promotion items, selling it below its market cost in order to increase sales of more profitable items.