UK rock band inspired by Iceland

UK rock band inspired by IcelandUK rock band Dry the River are looking to follow up the success of their debut album with their second offering, Alarms in the Heart.

After enjoying the summer on the British festival circuit, playing at venues such as Glastonbury, Leeds and Reading, frontman Peter Liddle said he was a little apprehensive about how the second album would be received by their fans. He revealed that people on social media have been commenting that they should have just stopped after the first one, with others saying that they now sounded like U2.

Alarms in the Heart was recorded in Iceland, where Dry the River spent over a month working on it in a studio on the outskirts of the capital, Reykjavik. They admitted their time on the North Atlantic island had a huge influence on how the record sounded once completed.

Liddle explained that there were two elements of the album: the laid-back, atmospheric part they recorded in Iceland and a clutch of new songs that were later added, which were more visceral and sounded more like their normal sound. He feels, however, that when they brought the two things together they found a way of making a complete record.

So far the album’s reviews have been generally positive, with one critic describing it as “a beautifully crafted collection” and another saying it was “immensely enjoyable”.