Volcano pictures TF-SIF

The subsidence in Bárðarbunga continues

Volcano pictures TF-SIFThe volcanic eruption in Holuhraun continues with similar rate as last few days. The eruption does not seem to be declining. The lava production continues with the same strength. The lava flow is now around the centre of the lava
field, which is now around 37 square kilometres. According to new measurements the total volume of the lava is 0,4-0,6 cubic kilometres and the magma flow 250-350 cubic meters pr. second.

Bardarbunga: The subsidence of the caldera continues with same rate as before.

Seismic activity: Big earthquakes are still detected in the Bardarbunga caldera. Since noon yesterday there have been 12 earthquakes bigger the M3, 0. The biggest one was measured M5,5 at 10:51 yesterday morning making it the
second biggest earthquake since this wave of seismic activity started on August 16. Smaller earthquakes were detected in north part of the dyke and around the eruption site. Earthquakes up to M4 have been measured under
the north-north-west slopes of Bardarbunga.

Hydrology: No change was detected in water monitoring that cannot be explained with changing weather.

Air quality: A prediction from the Icelandic Met Office: Pollution from the eruption is mostly expected northeast and eastnortheast of the eruption today.