Copenhagen puts more gang members behind bars

Copenhagen puts more gang members behind barsCopenhagen Police and the City of Copenhagen have stated that the suburb of Inner Nørrebro now has fewer gang members on its streets as part of a coordinated gang strategy, reports

Launched in 2013, the strategy has seen a reduction of gang presence by 15 percent, with an increase in prison sentences.

“As long as we can see progress, there is reason to believe that this is a good approach that can make a difference,” comments Police Commissioner Thorkild Fogde.

As part of the strategy, the two authorities have collected information on the members on the gang registry, Pinpoint, containing information on each gang member and their status in the gang hierarchy.

Fogde explains, “On the basis of this information, we have broken our target persons down into various groups so that we can administer strong medicine to the hard cases and reach out to those who can still be helped out of the gang environment.”