Russia to increase fishing in Greenland, Faroese and Norway

Russia to increase fishing in Greenland, Faroese and NorwayRussia plans to increase its fishing in the waters of Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Norway, revealed Russian Federal Agency for Fisheries (Rosrybolovstvo) chief Ilya Shestakov.

The Russian government has reached a deal with its Greenland counterpart on its pelagic perch and Greenland halibut production in the autonomous country’s territorial waters, particularly in the eastern and western regions. In return, Russia has agreed to provide Greenland with haddock and cod quotas in its exclusive economic zone.

The fisheries ministry has also signed an agreement with the Faroe Islands government on the production of blue whiting and mackerel in its territorial waters, while the Faroese will now have the right to fish for haddock, cod, shrimp and flounder in Russian waters.

And with Norway, the ministry has spoken to its minister of fisheries, Elizabeth Aspaker, and come to an agreement to increase the annual haddock quota for the coming fishing season. In recent years, the two countries’ relations in the fishing industry have turned somewhat sour due to various bans the Russian government imposed on Norwegian salmon imports and disputes about fishing in the Spitzbergen territorial waters. However, the new deal suggests the two countries may have resolved their differences.