Slidissime Promens

„Pack The Future 2014” Award goes to Promens

The Sustainable Plastic Packaging Award „Pack The Future 2014” awards recently went to Promens earlier this year. Since its launch at the Luxepack show in Monaco in October Slidissime, a premium airless cosmetic jar from Promens, has taken the marketplace by storm. The highly innovative level of Slidissime was recognised by the industry when it received Pack The Future 2014” – The Sustainable Plastic Packaging Award, at the Interpack exhibition in Dusseldorf in May this year.

Slidissime is the first airless cosmetic jar with a tactile pump. This totally innovative pump is designed to incorporate the new “slide” gesture which is widely found in new tactile technologies such as the touch screens of pads and smart phones. The Slidissime airless jar enables accurate dispensing of cosmetic cream, now protected by an airless pouch, by a simple sliding motion of the finger. Slidissime is the only airless jar equipped with this innovative and sensual opening system.

The “touch and slide” effect is close to the natural gesture of stroking. It is obtained by passing the finger over the tactile pump membrane. Slidissime is also the only prestige airless jar which protects the formula while sacrificing nothing of the jar’s elegance, nor the sensuality of the opening gesture. Slidissime has been widely acclaimed by female users who seek out clean and hygienic use and who like the soft touch of the pump as well as its accurate and economical dosage. Slidissime meets the requirements both of brands and formula inventors.

It provides high protection for vulnerable formulas. The quantity of preservatives can therefore be reduced without detriment to active ingredients. The packaging eliminates leakage and provides easy and accurate dosage even for the most liquid or viscous formulas. The cosmetics market has welcomed Slidissime, recognizing its benefits for prestige skincare lines and dermo-cosmetic care ranges.