Aerosmith singer gives street performance in Helsinki


Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler shocked onlookers in the Finnish capital Helsinki when he gave an impromptu street performance.

A day after performing at the Hartwell Arena in front of 9,000 people, 66-year-old Tyler took to Helsinki’s popular Aleksanterinkatu shopping street on Saturday and put on a show for passers-by. After receiving permission from a street musician outside the Stockmann department store to take over his water-filled bottles arrangement, Tyler proceeded to give a somewhat bizarre rendition of the group’s 1973 track Dream On.

The ageing rock star later uploaded a video of his street show on his Facebook page, with the caption “Hitting the bottle hard in Helsinki” – a tongue-in-cheek reference to his much-publicised alcohol addictions over the years. In the first hour, the footage received more than 20,000 ‘likes’.

Earlier in 2014, the band’s concert at the Hartwell Arena faced the possibility of being cancelled because two of the owners were on an American sanctions list due to Russia’s actions in Ukraine. However, luckily for Finnish fans, organisers were able to ensure the concert went ahead as originally planned.

Tyler, who travelled to neighbouring Sweden to perform in Stockholm on Sunday night, has in recent years appeared as a judge on American Idol and at the Miss Universe contest.