Greenland expedition team returns home

After 27 days trekking across Greenland’s vast ice sheet, members of the Seven Continents Exploration Club (KE7B) have completed their journey and returned home.

When they arrived at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia, friends and family members were waiting to welcome them back.

Team leader Yanizam Mohamad Supiah described the extreme cold, which plummeted to as low as -35C at times, as being among the toughest challenges they had to face. He thanked God that they managed to complete the journey earlier than the 35 days they had expected it to take.

He explained that several of the expedition team members suffered health problems, such as piles and coughing up blood, along the way, but they were able to continue through as a team and bring glory to Malaysia. He added that added that they all had to carry between 70kg and 80kg on the arduous 540km trek.

Twenty-year-old Shaiful Hisyam Abdul Aziz said that despite coughing up blood, he was able to maintain his high spirits and determination to succeed. He explained that feeling sick and having to endure the cold water made things extremely difficult, but his colleagues gave him so much encouragement and confidence that he was able to push through.

The only woman on the trek, Tahira Najmunisaa, said she suffered from an injured foot but her husband, fellow team member Abdul Rahman Abu Hassan, and the rest of the participants, gave her the help she needed to succeed.

The other members of the expedition that completed the 27-day mission across Greenland were Muhammad Musaddiq Samsudin, Muhd Hafizuddin Abdul Mutalib and Yusuf Abdullah.