Online job portal website TU jobs helps Norwegian oil industry recruit workers

Since its launch in 2012, – an online job portal website specialising in employment in the Norwegian oil sector – has been helping Norway-based oil companies recruit skilled workers through dedicated job vacancy advertisements.

The online job portal allows companies to seek out trained specialists and expert labourers to work within the oil sector by advertising their vacancies. Candidates are then able to apply by creating profiles and CVs online.

After the application process, the employer can review the candidates’ profiles and choose who is best suited for the interview stage. This has enabled the recruitment process to become more efficient and economically beneficial for companies that recruit online than for those using traditional methods.

Amongst the advantages of the job search portal, has a user-friendly interface, wide database, and fast application process. With the help of the website, companies and those seek employment can find a vacancy or employee that will meet their requirements.

Operated by two entrepreneurs Rune Johansson and Fredrik Bjerknes, is a subsidiary of Teknisk Ukeblad, Norway’s leading technology and business magazine.