Drunk Swede hit by train

512px-Sodermalmstorg_and_Stockholm_skyline_from_SodermalmA 22-year-old man who was hit by a subway train after a night out with friends is “very lucky to be alive”, according to police in Stockholm.

The drunk man staggered onto the tracks at Sandsborg subway station in the south of Stockholm early on Saturday morning. The driver spotted him but did not have enough time to bring the train to a standstill before colliding with him. However, when rescue services arrived at the scene, they were amazed to see that the man had emerged from the accident almost completely unscathed.

Local authorities said that the man was severely intoxicated and had very little recollection of his near-death experience. Stockholm police’s Matti Dordlofva said the man had no idea why he was on the tracks, but got a terrible shock when he discovered what had happened.

The man was transported to hospital for a full examination where he was told he had nothing more than a few scratches.

Mats Almquist from the Stockholm police said when they questioned the man on the incident he remembered nothing. He added that he was very lucky.

Police are investigating the CCTV of the incident to determine how the drunk man ended up of the subway tracks. They have not yet ruled out a criminal motive.