Ex-Finnish drug chief faces drug investigation

justice.thumbnailThe former chief of Helsinki’s drug squad Jari Aarnio is to be investigated for his role in drug-related crimes. Aarnio is already being investigated for bribery as well as conflict of interest regarding his position as anti-drug chief. The first detention hearing was held at Helsinki’s District Court on Friday.

The bribery and conflict of interest investigation centres on Aarnio’s dealings with Trevoc, a surveillance equipment provider. The investigation discovered that Trevoc has close links to criminal organisation United Brotherhood.

Reports in the Finnish media state that Aarnio is now suspected of partaking in drug-related crimes. He has denied the allegations. Meanwhile, his lawyer Riitta Leppiniemi confirmed that the new investigation is connected to a joint drug operation carried out by the National Bureau of Investigation and the Helsinki drug squad.

Leppiniemi said differences arose during the initial investigation, and have now been reviewed by the necessary parties at management level.

The court decided not to release the suspect on Friday. In November, Aarnio and three other suspects were arrested on conflict of interest and bribery suspicions.