Iceland could become transportation hub for mining and oil possibilities in Greenland

The-Skaergaard-project-in-East-GreenlandIceland could become a hub for transportation and logistics for mining and oil possibilities in Greenland, states Ásbrú.

Discussions regarding the opening of the Nordic Sea route and Iceland’s role as a key transportation link serving the route has been increasing in recent years. Logistics facilities in Iceland could act as key transportation hubs for shipping produce back and forth from Greenland.

The Ásbrú Enterprise Park, situated in the Reykjanes Peninsula, has the opportunity and the infrastructure to become a key transportation link in Iceland.

The Reykjanes Peninsula has been also noted for holding Iceland’s biggest transportation facilities. The Helguvík International Harbor can offer improved services for industrial freighters and oil vessels as well as services for other ships. Keflavík International Airport is the country’s international gateway with flight connections to most major cities in Europe and the United States.

Furthermore, the enterprise park holds office space, large warehouse facilities, and housing for workers travelling to and from Greenland.