Icelandic companies launch ‘Green Marine Technology’

fishing-210409Ten Icelandic ocean technology companies have launched Green Marine Technology – a marketing initiative focusing on eco-friendly solutions for fish processing and fisheries.

The firms have been working closely together via the Iceland Ocean Cluster in recent months and their newest scheme is the website, where visitors to the site can view a virtual world with eco-friendly solutions.

The website covers everything from how to effectively use geothermal energy to installing eco-friendly trawl doors, and its creators claim it can help the seafood industry turn the corner when it comes to jointly marketing technology solutions.

Technological development is a major environmental issue and there are calls for fishing companies to introduce environmentally friendly technology as soon as possible. Energy efficiency and renewable energy are among the key issues as analysts are fully aware that if greenhouse gas emissions are to be reduced, changes must be made in how the world uses its energy.

The 10 firms involved in the new initiative are: Dis Solutions, Promens, Marpot, Polar, Navis, Trefjar, Samey, 3X Technology, Thor Ice and Naust Marine.

A large number of Icelandic companies are now at the forefront when it comes to introducing eco-friendly solutions, placing an emphasis on efficiency, water savings, power savings, sanitation and quality.