Greenland-Iceland trade relations to be promoted during trade fair in Nuuk

Greenland-Iceland trade relations to be promoted during trade fair in NuukThe trade relations between Greenland and Iceland are to be promoted during the upcoming trade fair in Greenland’s capital, Nuuk. The three-day event, in collaboration between Promote Iceland, Greenland-Iceland trade council, and Air Iceland, will be taking place at the cultural centre Kulturhuset Katuaq, between 24 and 26th October 2013.

The aim of the fair is to increase the commercial ties between Iceland and Greenland, as well as provide opportunities to meet local businesses, establish business contacts, and highlight the public services within the two countries.

This is the fourth consecutive year the fair has taken place, and is set to be the most prestige event since its inception. Companies to participate this year include: Arion Bank, Developments Eyjafjarðar, Borgarplast DB Schenker Iceland Eimskip, Faxaflóahafnir, Air Iceland, Ikea, National Power, Lindex, Norðlenska, Sláturfélag Thyme, TVG-Zimsen, and Verkís.

Iceland‘s first Consul General in Nuuk, Pétur Ásgeirsson, will be in attendance during the fair.  The main role of the Consulate is to strengthen the business relations between Iceland and Greenland, and to increase cultural relations and tasks related to Arctic cooperation.

Additionally, Arctic Services, a joint initiative by companies and institutions in Iceland, will be showcasing its services. Arctic Services was founded as a common platform for Icelandic industrial and technical service providers, research facilities, engineering companies, aviation services and public utilities.  Diverse commercial interests are all represented within Arctic Services, which is the common denominator of the companies involved and exclusively focused on promoting the high service level and infrastructure to those involved in arctic operations.

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