Colourful protest outside Stockholm’s Russian embassy

gay flagGay rights activists in Stockholm have painted a zebra crossing in front of the Russian embassy in the colours of a rainbow in response to verbal exchanges at last weekend’s Gay Pride about Russia’s laws concerning LGBT people.

Police in Stockholm revealed that they have kept regular contact with Russian diplomats since the demonstrations during Pride, but said they had not been informed about the latest incident.

Stockholm Police spokesman Ulf Lindgren said they have not made a case file on the incident, but that it would most likely be classed as violating traffic regulations or vandalism. He added that it is not the police’s responsibility to ensure the crossing is painted black and white again.

Lindgren went on to say he understands why protesting occurs, but pointed out that it should not affect the people who have to use the walkway. He noted that it adds an element of danger for those who are crossing as they know they zebra crossings should look a certain way and when they don’t it can be confusing.

On Saturday, several naked men repeatedly walked from one side of the road to the other on the rainbow crossing, taking pictures, but it is not clear if the group is connected with the painting of it.

The Russian embassy angered gay rights supporters by not flying the rainbow flag during the build-up to Stockholm Pride. A number of other embassies in the city raised the flag to show their support.