features Iceland as incredible ‘off the beaten path’ holiday destination has featured Iceland’s countryside as an incredible ‘off the beaten path’ holiday destination, which has also been noted as a haven for photography enthusiasts.

During the summer months, wildlife flourishes in Iceland, bringing numerous birds and mammals. Iceland has only 73 breeding bird species, although the country is Europe’s second largest island. Luckily, most breeding species can be easily seen in all corners of Iceland. The largest quantity of bird species is the Atlantic Puffin, with roughly three million pairs, and 15,000 of those pairs just outside Reykjavík.

Additionally, the midnight sun, a natural phenomenon where the sun remains visible throughout the night, will also help travellers experience much more of Iceland during their holiday.

There are some notably amazing places in Iceland for photography enthusiasts to capture magical images. You can photograph geysers, waterfalls, volcanoes, and rock formations under the midnight sun across the whole of the country.

The best way to experience Iceland up close and personal is by renting a campervan.