Samsung sales surpass Nokia in Finland

SAMSUNG_Group_CI_(Logo)Nokia lost its position as the biggest mobile phone seller in Finland in the first quarter of the current fiscal year. South Korean manufacturer Samsung sold more units than Finland-based manufacturer Nokia in the quarter.

According to sales figures released by global market research company International Data Corporation (IDC), Nokia sold 196,000 handsets in Finland and garnered a 33 per cent share of the market. In contrast, Samsung shifted 211,000 devices and took the lion’s share of 36 per cent of total sales.

A breakdown of the statistics revealed that around 80 per cent of Samsung’s sales in Finland were of its popular smartphone collection. Nokia’s phone sales were split evenly between basic dial-and-speak options with minimal functions, and smartphones.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Nokia’s range of phones has blurred in the last couple of years. This is due to the fact it has introduced the Asha range and other models which bridge the gap between basic and smartphone and are therefore not easily categorised.

Samsung’s efforts to dominate Nokia’s home market are continuing apace. A Samsung spokesperson stated recently that plans were afoot to set up a research facility in Espoo, the town Nokia is headquartered in.

Samsung’s position at the top of the mobile phone sales table in Finland is the complete reverse of recent years. Nokia sold 65 per cent of the total amount of handsets in 2010. IDC figures from last year show that Samsung cornered just 28 per cent of sales. For the same period, Nokia phone sales were a laudable 48 per cent.

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