Iceland’s chilliest spring in decades

Iceland_satellite bigTemperatures across Iceland during the past month have been some of the coldest experienced in 30 years. Throughout Iceland record temperatures have been recorded.

The coldest day in May for 36 years was recently recorded in Grímsstaðir á Fjöllum when the mercury dipped to 17.6°C below 0°C (0.32F). Meanwhile, Reykjavik experienced its coldest April this century, but conversely had the sunniest skies on record in this spring month at 212 hours. Rainfall was considerably lower than usual, however.

It fits a trend across Europe that has seen snow in the United Kingdom when spring flowers should have been appearing and a slow start to the warm weather across the continent.

By the May Day weekend, temperatures had improved slightly, moving into positive figures. The 15 April is traditionally the ‘first day of summer’ but warm days only arrive much later. This year on 14 April, Reykjavik awoke to a carpet of snow and misty conditions but by mid-afternoon the snow had all melted and the sun had come out, such is the famous ever-changing Icelandic weather.