Copenhagen mayor pushes for legalising cannabis

copenhagen coat of armsMajor Frank Jensen intends to make deregulation of cannabis a ‘front burner’ issue for his autumn campaign for council elections.

His Socialdemokraterne voted on April 7th to adopt it as an official policy in the campaign platform, although it wasn’t unanimous and resulted in the resignation of party member Sophie K Led, suggesting it is a contentious issue within their ranks.

“The party has agreed that in this next election period it will work very hard to push the government to allowed an experiment with legal cannabis here in Copenhagen,” Led told DR News.

Recently a City Council cannabis conference took place and it was agreed to officially propose a three year trial, with the argument that “the legal sale of cannabis will result in decreased gang criminality, more prevention and a better life for average cannabis users.”

Mayor Jensen has been an outspoken supporter of legalising marijuana use, but Led seems equally outspoken against the efforts to lobby national government on the issue. They have already turned down one request made last year.

While Copenhagen has yet to adopt a permissive culture similar to Amsterdam, the use of marijuana and its public sales are openly tolerated in the hippie neighbourhood of Christania, and have been for years.

Although the Netherlands is now reversing its complete unregulation of marijuana sale, restricting it to locals with residence proof to discourage criminal elements in the tourist industry, there is a worldwide trend to reconsider the law on this mild narcotic. Several US states recently voted to allow marijuana possession for personal use.

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