Increased seismic activity around Hekla volcano raises concern

Hekla1The Police in Hvolsvöllur and the Civil Defense department have expressed concern over increased seismic activity around Hekla volcano in the past few days. Seven tremors have been measured in the last two weeks, a frequency which has never been matched since Hekla’s previous eruption. 

According to geologists at the Icelandic Meteorological Office, the seven earthquakes were measured some 5 km from the top of the volcano and at a depth of 11 to 12 km. However, no magma movement has been measured.  The volcano is being closely monitored at the moment by geologists who decided to alert authorities as Hekla eruption usually happen with very little warning, and the mountain itself is a popular hike among locals and tourists alike.

The warning issued is the lowest out of three and is raised in order to initiate an appropriate and rapid emergency response in the case of an eruption. Internet users can monitor the activity around the volcano themselves with a live webcam of Hekla. Quite reassuringly, what looks like smoke at the top of the volcano is in fact just a cloud (at least for the moment).

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