‘Dead’ Swede’s girlfriend finds him breathing in hospital

Swedish flagA Swedish woman found her boyfriend breathing in hospital after she was told to say her final goodbye following his ‘death’. The discovery at Värmland County hospital in May of last year prompted the woman to demand a resuscitation effort on her 31-year-old partner, according to a report published by The Local news agency. However, she had initially been told that her boyfriend was likely to be brain dead and that his body was just releasing carbon dioxide when she noticed him exhale.

The official account of the incident published by Sweden’s National Health Board said that 30 minutes passed between medics determining the unnamed male to be deceased and informing his partner that she could go into the room to pay her final respects.

The initial reason for the man’s admittance into the hospital was not provided in the report. However, the man’s girlfriend has told the press that additional research should be done on an anti-anxiety medication known as Lyrica.

The now-recovered patient told the media, “Lucky for me that my girlfriend was there, without her I wouldn’t be here today.”

The man now suffers from problems with memory and concentration, making him unable to keep a job, according to the couple’s statement in the report.

“I hope this never happens to anyone else,” he told the health board.

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