Survey: Swedes ‘ok’ with noisy sex

A recent study has revealed that Swedish residents are generally not overly bothered by the sound of their neighbours having loud sex. The figures come via research firm Skop, whose poll results showed that only around 15 percent of Swedes opt to have words with naughty neighbours, whilst only about three per cent ever file a complaint of some form with the local authorities.

And perhaps most surprisingly, the report said that younger people are generally the ones who have a problem with such disturbances.

Speaking about the issue, sex expert Malena Ivarsson said, “Young people have not realised yet that what they care about today they might not care about tomorrow. Older people have experienced worse sounds than sex, such as abuse, children screaming, dying gasps, loud music and drilling,” The Local reports. She added, “An average lovemaking session lasts seven and a half minutes, that’s not so long. See it as an inspiration rather than an irritation.”

Meanwhile, realtor Elise Berggren said on behalf of the Stena real estate firm, “We treat this like any disruption. But in first hand contracts we recommend that you contact the neighbour. He or she is perhaps not aware that it is disrupting,” reports the Hem & Hyra paper, which is published by the Swedish Tenants Union.

Berggren went on to say, “Most people are too embarrassed to call and complain, so these kinds of things don’t happen too often. We get a call about once a year.”