Oslo looks to keep 22 July testimonies classified

Norwegian officials are looking to keep detailed testimonial information regarding the extremist attacks on 22 July 2011 classified, according to reports. The news comes several weeks after an official report was issued on terrorist Anders Behring Breivik’s attacks in Oslo and Utøya Island.

The document criticised the police efforts and emergency response procedures that took place during the events. Several figureheads subsequently resigned, including police minister Øystein Mæland.

But on Monday, officials said that authorities’ testimonies and earlier documents would not be made available for public viewing, according to The Foreigner news agency.

TheForeigner.no said that six Norwegian figureheads are working to keep the documents classified for “political and practical reasons”. They are: former minister of justice Knut Storberget; government administration, reform and church affairs minister Rigmor Aasrud; reform and church affairs ministry advisor Ingelin Killengreen; Øystein Mæland, the former police director; Prime Minister’s office advisor Nina Frisaks; and Janne Kristiansen, the former director of the Police Security Service (PST).

Director general Ivar Fonnes of the Norwegian National Archives said that the testimonies are “not complied with a view to making them public, and cannot be regarded as complete,” the Aftenposten newspaper reports.

He added, “In our view, these minutes in isolation could be misleading, especially when seen in connection with other information the Commission has had access to. [The Director General thinks these testimonies] will probably make future inquiry committees’ work difficult, as relevant people and bodies may be reluctant to speak openly and honestly and divulge important information.”

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