Icelandic food proves tough for Emma Watson

Actress Emma Watson has said that she “struggled” with the food in Iceland during a recent visit. The Harry Potter star made the comments during an interview on David Letterman’s Late Show at New York’s Ed Sullivan Theater last week.

Watson had been in the North Atlantic country for the filming of Noah, a Hollywood recreation of the epic biblical tale, starring Russell Crowe.

Ms Watson said on the programme, “I just got back from Iceland where I spent three weeks. It is uncommonly beautiful I mean it’s kind of almost like going to another planet,” reports. She went on to say, however, “I struggled a little bit with the food. They are into more exotic foods so it’s not uncommon to serve whale or puffin or reindeer.”

Principal shooting for Noah has since moved out of Iceland and on to the waters surrounding New York City. Crowe, who plays Noah in the film, is clearly not a natural seaman, however, having recently been picked off the coast of Long Island by the United States Coast Guard after he and a friend lost their way in a canoe after dark.

Meanwhile, reports said that during filming in Iceland, the Gladiator star had become “addicted” to the country’s popular dairy drink Skyr. He said via Twitter last month, ““I seem to have left Iceland with an addiction to Skyr… can you buy it anywhere else in the world?”