India to curb visas for Scandinavians

Reports indicate that India will soon limit the number of visas awarded to Scandinavians unless those countries treat Indians the same as Western passport holders.

Indian newspaper The Telegraph reported this week that the move comes as Indian immigration authorities are becoming frustrated with how Indian citizens are being treated different to Westerners by immigration officials Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

The Telegraph cites high-up sources in the South Asian nation, claiming that, “One immediate provocation has been Denmark’s continued refusal to step up efforts to extradite Purulia arms-drop accused Kim Davy, the sources said. But the larger issue is the failure of the Scandinavians and some other EU countries to treat Indian requests “on a par” with those from developed nations.”

The report adds that, “The visa curbs, yet to be announced officially, have come into effect at the Indian embassies in Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm. Officials have been asked to refuse or delay visa applications from tourists, business people, NGO workers and officials —that is, nearly everybody who wants to visit India.”

The paper also said that India may soon ask Scandinavians working with NGOs that are deemed to be against national interests to leave the country.

The report comes amid rising tensions between Denmark and India. Earlier in the year, Danish officials refused to allow the children of an Indian couple residing in Denmark to leave foster care and return to their home country.